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Tribefly lets you quickly connect with entrepreneurs, experts, and creators who are open to collaborate or network when you land in a new city.

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As a traveler, entrepreneur, and creator, meeting other like-minded people around the world can be hugely rewarding. Whether we’re looking for partners to team up on projects, to learn new skills from local experts, or simply to make new friends who get it, making those intial one-on-one connections is key.

The problem is finding the right people can be very time consuming and frustrating.

Attending meetups and conferences can be fun, but there’s no way to connect with everyone and no guarantee the people you do meet are the kind of people you’re looking for. Online forums and social media sites are a good first start, but they can be very impersonal and sometimes awkward when posting public bulletins to meet certain people. Coworking spaces are nice too, but most people are focused on their computer screen and not chatting with a newcomer.

Our goal is to bring business builders together to develop projects and ideas one coffee meeting at a time.

All Tribefly members have a profile listing their expertise, on-going projects, and primary meeting objectives.

Quickly search through profiles based on objectives like open to collaboration, looking to hire, or general business networking.

You can also search profiles based on specific expertises such as Amazon FBA, Instagram Influencer, React Developer, and many others in a variety of markets and niches.


How Does Tribefly Work?

How Can I Schedule a Meeting With Someone?

What are Objectives?

How Can I Connect with Members?

What’s an Expertise?

What are Web Links?


How Does Tribefly Work?

Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to create a profile with your current location, your primary meeting objective (Collaborating, Networking, Hiring, or Mentoring), and a short blurb to let people know what you’re looking for in a meeting.

You’ll then be given access to our Search page where you can view all Tribefly members based on location, expertise, and/or their primary objective.

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to connect with, you can click on “connect” next to their name or click on their profile card to view their profile details. Once they accept your invite to connect, you can start chatting using our Chat Page and schedule a meeting with our Meetings Planner.

Then you can use our “Meeting Planner” to setup a time and exact location for having a meeting.

After the meeting, you’ll be asked to upvote the member’s expertise and leave any feedback you’d like for the next member to read. These are both optional and are only there to make sure people are who they say they are.


How Can I Schedule a Meeting?

After you’ve accepted an invite to connect or a member accepted your invite, you’ll be able to use our Meeting Planner to schedule a date, time, and location to meet up.

You can find the Meeting Planner inside the Chat, on your Dashboard, and in the member’s profile page.

We’ve also included an option to let your contact know you’ll be buying the coffee!


What are Objectives?

Objectives are the primary goals members have for their meetings. We’ve created 4 primary objectives that cover most of what people are looking for (If you think there should be more, please let us know!). The primary objectives are:


This is someone who is open explore new ideas or projects. Can be someone with an exisiting project or business or looking to start a new one.


This is someone who is open to meet for the sake of general networking. Might not be interested in working on new projects but would love to hear about them.


This is someone who is actively looking to hire for an existing business or project for a fee.


This is someone who is open share their expertise with someone who’s willing to learn.


How can I connect with members?

Using our search page, you can search through all members of Tribefly and choose who you’d like to connect with by clicking on their profile page, then clicking on “Invite to Connect”.

Members can only send you messages after you’ve accepted an invite from them and vice versa.

Using our search filter, you can find members based on the following:

– Location

– Specific expertise

– Objective


What’s an expertise exactly?

This is a specific skillset that a member has that he/she would like to share in order to connect with the right people.

Unlike a skill you might share on LinkedIn for the sake of getting a job for a corporate company, these expertises are more focused on unique skills that are developed as an entrepreneur and creator.

You can find and list such categories such as:

– Instagram Influencer

– Amazon FBA

– Shopify

– Bitcoin Developer

– Forex Trader

– Affiliate Marketer

– And many more


What are Web Links?

Web Links can be any url leading to a website, social media page, or app.

Use this area show people what you’ve done, showcase your project, or list your social media accounts to connect on other platforms

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